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A new series of online training sessions to help your family with behaviour difficulties...


Does your child sometimes behave in ways that are difficult or dangerous, that when it happens then impacts on everyone in the family? It’s much more common than people realise, and it’s particularly common in children and young people who also have a disability or an additional need

There are lots of different types of these behaviours, and they may include: -

·         Hurting people

·         Being destructive

·         Throwing things

·         Hurting themselves

·         Running away

·         Avoiding all demands

·         Trying to control everybody else

When families are coping with this sort of behaviour, instead of getting the help, support, understanding and kindness that they need, parents are often blamed, shamed and judged instead. Even among the professionals working across health, education and social care, very few have had any training, and that means that the advice your family is getting is likely to be misguided and unlikely to help.

That’s why I started Newbold Hope – because it took our family over 10 years to get the help we so desperately needed, and I never want another family to have to wait that long to make things easier and happier.

On a personal level, the past few months have been very difficult ones for my own family., so it’s a while since we’ve run any live online training sessions for parents or professionals. Yet every day I hear about the struggles families are having, not just with extreme difficult and dangerous behaviour, but also with their children’s high levels of anxieties, their demand avoidant behaviour, how things are so tough for the brothers and sisters, and how controlling behaviour can cause so much unhappiness for everyone.

I also know how hard it is for parents to keep going when the burden of all that shame, judgement and blame is being directed at them from everywhere, and how guilty parents feel if they don’t manage to secure the best possible outcomes for their child. Children’s Self-esteem is another big issue, and there are so many families who are facing the challenges of how the teenage years can impact of this sort of extreme behaviour as well. So many issues escalate in families like ours simply because of poor communication, so we’ll be looking at how to boost communication skills as well.

So, I hope there’s something for everyone in this new series. It starts next week, and it will run through to the middle of November, with 10 two-hour evening sessions between 8.00 and 10.00pm, and one full-day masterclass covering as many of the topics as we can.

We haven’t had any funding for these sessions so we have done all we can to keep the prices as reasonable as we possibly can. Each of the evening sessions will cost £8.50, and the full-day session costs £25.00. Everyone who books beforehand will get access to the recording for 4 weeks, and if you can make the session live, there will be a chance to ask questions at the end.

Here’s the list of dates and topics, with a link to take you straight to the booking page which also has a lot more information about what we’ll be covering in each one.


1.    Tuesday, 11th October

How to reduce extreme behaviour in SEND children and young people


2.    Thursday, 13th October

Understanding how anxiety affects you and your child, and how to reduce it


3.    Thursday 21st October

How to keep brothers and sisters safe and happy


4.    Sunday 23rd October

How to reduce controlling behaviour in SEND children and young people



5.    Tuesday 25th October

How to stop hurting from all the guilt, worry and self-doubt of being a SEND parent


6.    Thursday 27th October

How to support a SEND child with demand avoidant behaviour to feel happier and calmer


7.    Tuesday, 1st November

How to boost your SEND child’s self-esteem


8.    Sunday 6th November

How to boost communication skills with young people


9.    Tuesday 8th November

How to rock important meetings about your child to get the best possible outcomes for them


10.Tuesday 15th November

How to navigate extreme behaviour in the teenage years



We are also doing a full-day masterclass on Saturday 19th November which will cover lots of these key topics.

I hope to see you there at least once in the next few weeks and hoping that things get much calmer and easier very soon for you and your family.


Take care, speak soon, best wishes,



Yvonne Newbold MBE

Founder - Newbold Hope

Author – The Special Parent’s Handbook

Member of the NHS Assembly

TEDxNHS Speaker 2022

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